strategic acquisition of TMF by B&S Technology

Tilburgse Machinefabriek B.V. (TMF)

Since 1986 I am associated to this admirable, 76 years old, family business of which I have been the director-major shareholder for over 32 years. Within my family there is no business succession. To ensure the continuity of TMF for its employees and customers, I have started looking for a new owner.
Due to the long-standing cooperation with B&S and with our similar characteristics in terms of craftsmanship, quality and deliverability, I believe that through this acquisition the continuation of TMF is in good hands.
Wiek Vrinds
Director-Owner Tilburgse Machinefabriek B.V.

B&S Technology B.V.

The acquisition of TMF is a logical step for B&S Technology in its growth process and the upcoming 75th anniversary. The market requests capacity expansion and at the same time production flexibility.

TMF, with its machinery and specialists, will operate as a flexible production cell complementary to the existing diverse B&S Technology production platform. Based on years of cooperation between TMF and B&S Technology, where quality and production flexibility are key, I am convinced that our corporate culture and quality thinking will fit together seamlessly.

With this takeover, we strengthen our joint services in order to serve our customers and partners as one stop shop - partner into detail. Wiek will remain part time connected to TMF in the coming year as a technical engineer, planner and sparring partner for the B&S management to ensure a smooth transition.

Jeroen van Nunen
Director-Owner B&S Technology B.V.

About TMF

TMF produces precision components, assemblies, special machines and devices tailored for your application. We can assist you in the entire process and ensure a fast and reliable implementation. Our customers, both domestic and abroad, include leading companies in the automotive, semiconductor, electronics, glass, connector, packaging, graphic, and logistics industry.

For 75 years, we have been relieving our customers with orders for precision components, assemblies and special machines.